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My name is Arnold Ruijter and I was born in Castricum on November 16, 1972, where I still live.

In my work I get a lot of satisfaction from interacting with people and working together to create a good, efficient and productive working environment. I like to get to know people and understand what is important to them. This helps with collaboration and has great value for communication.

As a manager I use the same standards and for me, the people in my team are the specialists who operate at the frontline. By working well with them and understanding what their personal vision is, I am able to help them further, as well as trusting them with responsibilities.

My experience shows that this attitude leads to motivated people with a very active, dedicated attitude.



For the name of my one-man company, I chose Ruijter ElaborIT. The origin of the name ElaborIT comes from elaboration, which has a number of meanings:

- Linking new information to already acquired knowledge, stored in the long-term memory, reducing the risk of forgetting

- Careful and laborious working and perfecting it

Other meanings of Elaboration are:


- Extended
- Performance
- Edited with care
- Closely

These meanings include at the highest level most aspects of contemporary challenges and especially within IT. An important fact is that no change, small or large, should be underestimated. Something that seems relatively simple can suddenly become something big due to unkown - or reasonably invisible - dependencies.

As an experience example I refer to an important business process that has been active several times a day for years, but does not causes problems/errors and therefore remains invisible. The dependence on other processes is great, so an adjustment in one process can have major consequences in the other.