Arnold Ruijter


After building up experience in the food- and fashion industry, as well as following the necessary training, I see great opportunities to help companies in their challenges concerning specialisms such as:


- Interim IT (People) Management

- IT Project/Program Management

- Transformation


- IT Integration Design

- Architecture/Strategy


I've been with the same company for a long time, but the variety in challenges and activities has always been huge. Especially in a fast-moving fashion company, lots of changes follow each other up.



Tommy Hilfiger US implementation of SAP

While maintaining the support for Europe with limited resources, I was fully engaged with the SAP implementation in the US. All their processes had to be migrated to the European instance of SAP as well as the US specific interfacing to our middleware (Sterling Integrator).

EDI, SWIFT, Logistics, Finance and many other aspects were sized, designed and built, together with external resources while working together with the US colleagues.


Buying Groups EDI Invoicing

Our (smaller) retailers are supported by buying groups that perform several services to them, amongst which is paying invoices to their vendors, leaving the retailer with only one creditor. These buying groups all have their own way to electronically exchange data, not all necessarily EDI, as well as the conversions of customer numbers. I ran this project and worked with all buying groups to establish this.



For environmental purposes as well as money saving, we engaged with e-Invoicing and significantly reduced paper invoices. e-Invocing requires a digital signature and validation for which I managed to put in place a platform for non-EDI invoices.


In addition, I implemented EDI eInvoicing for which an invoice sent from SAP, was translated into canonical and EDI, sent per webservice to our e-Invoicing partner for a digital signature, sent back for us to archive and the same process for validation.


I ran this project together with a Finance business colleague and worked with external partners to realize all of it.


EDI Operational transition

After becoming Team Lead, I found the necessity to move the EDI responsibility to business operations, as until then IT was making the onboarding decisions, without specific sales strategies. This was a long transition, but I managed to realize it and now have close cooperation with operations which started with EDI, but has grown beyond that.


SAP XI implementation

To spread performance and functionality, as well as best practice purposes, I had SAP XI implemented as an additional integration platform. Starting the development myself first, but soon enough I recruited staff which have now grown to 4, contractors excluded.


Calvin Klein transition

As I move into a Manager funtion, Tommy Hilfiger was acquired by PVH and it was decided to implement the EMEA business for Calvin Klein to PVH Europe BV, meaning a full migration of all the ERP and integration activities from Calvin Klein - head office located in the Netherlands - to our systems. One of the biggest projects up to that time which we achieved in ±6 months! My part was from an architectural nature and knowing a lot of SAP, I was able to contribute on many levels while working together with Boston Consultancy Group who ran the project.


Japan SAP transition

I worked with our Japanese colleagues + their external partner, to have them work with the European SAP instance while interfacing over SAP PI, follower of SAP XI.



To make the step towards a more retail-oriented organization, I was part of a 3-years project to establish the migration from our SAP Apperal & Footwear System to the SAP Fashion Management Solution. My architectural designs were used through our whole organization to support this and I created transition schemas that were enherited by SAP to use for their (customer's) future migrations.


With my integration background, I was able to contribute on all aspects of the project, meaning SAP, middleware and 3rd party applications, while continuing to act as the linemanager for my team.


ERP Development

Moving into the function Senior Manager of ERP Development and Integration, I was assigned the SAP Technical (ABAP) developers in addition to the middleware developers. Our team's skills were also extended with SAP ChaRM and SAP GateWay and FIORI. In this stage, we were still supporting the finalization of the FMS transition.


Global Vendor Management System

VMS, Vendor Management System, is a global platform to collaborate on Vendors, article master data and Purchase Ordering. This is still ongoing today, but so far I've been involved with PVH colleagues worldwide to achieve this collaboration.


On top of all the above, I am engaging with all activities around RFID, OmniChannel, eCom, and many other areas that are either built, extended or improved. Apart from middleware software selection, I am putting focus on API management and microservices.



There is a growing demand for specialist in the IT-Management area, specifically people with experience and social skills, especially in the SAP world for leading teams and projects.


After acquiring a great deal of experience, I want to find out what my value can be with other companies, going through their own challenges. It’s important to realize that in this branch, I will have to keep learning.


These are some of my personal characteristics behind offered services, which have been established after my participation to a training called Insights Discovery :

- Non-manipulative management style

- Able to defuse tense situations

- Usually reads non-verbal signs effectively

- Can "go with the flow", especially where people are concerned

- Supporting, steadfast and encouraging to others

- Strong sense of personal values

- Warmly, self-effacing and accommodating

- Usually weighs all relevant factors before making decisions

- Understanding, friendly and cordial


People tell me that I am open, honest and direct, which can also be deducted from the above. This attitude has brought me a lot and leads to trust from the people I work with.


For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Arnold Ruijter


Owner Ruijter ElaborIT

Email: arnoldruijter@ruijterelaborit.nl

Mobile: +31 (0)6 129 68 523