In the last and coming years, many companies focus(sed) on aspects that are influenced by the market and innovation:

- New technologies for a future-proof system landscape of companies
- Organizational changes that are in line with the current way of working and ensure efficient and quick delivery of products *

* With ‘products’ I mean the expected delivery of an (IT) organization to the (internal) customer and stakeholders, not necessarily the product that the company sells.

These two aspects are connected to each other. Development platforms change into a package of smaller, scalable applications that are easy to exchange with other applications. This allows specifically targeted and smaller releases so a quicker delivery of products.

Most companies work on larger and smaller projects with IT and Business teams per discipline/area and each team contributes to realizing the product. Such a project is used on the 'Waterfall' method and it depends on the scale of how it is planned, but it can take years before the final product is delivered.

The way in which the software can be used contributes to the organizational changes within companies. Instead of grouping and assigning specialisms to projects, teams are now being formed around the business processes so that a process is designed, built and supported within a single team and from start to finish (E2E). With these working methods, supported by technology, products can be delivered in smaller scale and/or in parts instead of one large product, which means that releases frequently occur.

In addition to the above events, there are aspects such as strategy, platform determination, design choices, end goal, influences, etc.

These are fairly drastic changes, but obviously there may also be a need for steering on a smaller scale, such as project management, team management, etc. for which someone is temporarily required.

My target group therefore consists of clients who, especially in the field of IT, need guidance in existing or changing situations, with the need for supervision of processes and people and a focus on using the knowledge that resides in the organization.





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